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30 Jul 2014 - 31 Dec 2014 -
Farming and fracking don't go together!
The Governments latest round of onshore oil and gas exploration licenses has just started opening up more huge swathes of the UK to drilling.

We already have significant focus in Sussex, with a high profile site in use at Balcombe, just 45 minutes from our farm. Here in the village frack free Mayfield and Five Ashes has a great website where you can get information about the process generally and keep up to date with relevant local issues too.

Why not join us? Our future events are detailed on the website www.frackfreemayfieldandfiveashes.org.

This week has seen the water companies expressing concern about the potential impact of fracking on water supplies.

See http://www.farming.co.uk/news/article/10229 to read more on this.